Mr. 100 Bitcoin Whale Unmasked by Arkham Intelligence

Arkham Intelligence reveals the Bitcoin whale 'Mr. 100' as an Upbit cold wallet, debunking theories of a single entity's market play.
Mr. 100 Bitcoin Whale Unmasked by Arkham Intelligence

Key Takeaways

  • Mr. 100, a Bitcoin whale, has been identified as an Upbit cold wallet.
  • The entity has accumulated over 52,996 BTC since the FTX collapse.
  • The investigation highlights that large wallets are often just exchanges.

The Bitcoin whale known as “Mr. 100” has amassed over 52,996 BTC, valued at over $3.5 billion.

This entity’s wallet has been a point of interest for analysts, especially after acquiring over 50,000 BTC.

Mr. 100 has aggressively accumulated Bitcoin since the FTX collapse, enhancing holdings by at least 100 BTC daily since mid-February 2023.

Unveiling the identity of Mr. 100

Speculation about Mr. 100’s identity has ranged from a Hong Kong financial institution to sovereign wealth funds and tech giants.

However, Arkham Intelligence’s investigation has identified Mr. 100’s wallet as an Upbit cold wallet.

This finding is based on the wallet’s transactions and associations with other Upbit addresses.

Arkham Intelligence’s analysis shows that major wallets “buying” bitcoin are often just exchange wallets.

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